A Deshui: New Evidence from the Syr River in Central Asia in "Sui Shu·Tiele Biography"


The "Sui Shu·Tiele Biography" records the distribution of Tiele's ministries in Central Asia. This is a valuable material for studying Tiele history. Among them, it is mentioned that there are many Tiele tribes in Adeshui in the north of Kangguo. Regarding Adshui, there are disputes in academic circles, including the Volga River, Syr Darya River, and Irtysh River. In fact, Ad Shui is the Syr Darya right away, and the ancient sound of the word "Ader" can be restored to a-tak. Its name is probably related to the Tianshan Mountains where the Syr Darya originated. The Turkic language at that time called Tianshan Baishan, or Ak Tagh, therefore, the Syr Darya was called Ad Shui in Chinese historical materials.