Analysis on Job Burnout of College Teachers


Higher education is an important part of education in China and plays an irreplaceable role in national economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development. The professional development of college teachers plays an important role in the development of colleges and universities. The long-term development of teachers in professional concept, attitude, knowledge, ability, affection and so on can realize self-wish and individual professionalization. However, in the process of career development, some teachers will appear job burnout, which will seriously affect the rapid development of teachers. Therefore, the research and analysis of the phenomenon of job burnout of college teachers can help teachers through this bottleneck period smoothly, gradually move to the peak of occupation on the road of career development, and play the greatest role in the construction of colleges and universities. Through the analysis and discussion of the general situation of college teachers' job burnout, we can prevent and alleviate job burnout, and then put forward effective strategies, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of colleges and universities.