The Research of Scottish Herring and Mackerel’s Movement Simulation


Global warming has a great effect to marine species. In this paper, the author aims to construct mathematical to simulate the movement of two species, Herring and Mackerel. In order to describe its randomness and the background of global warming, the author improves Random Walk to weighted Random Walk as the model to describe the species movement, and the weight is affected by ocean temperature. Furthermore, to make the results more persuasive, the author uses interpolation algorithm to expand the data sets. After that, the author uses the model and data to simulate the trace of two species in 50 years. The trace is during the next 50 years, Mackerel will move 22.36 kilometers while Scottish Herring will move 29.15 kilometers, which shows that the two species will move a distance that cannot be ignored. Finally, based on above results, the author gets some conclusions and gives some advice to help fisheries companies to deal with it.