An Analysis on the Coordination between Urbanization of Population and Development of Real Estate Industry


Since the reform and opening up, the urbanization of population is accelerating, and more and more people are flowing to the big cities from the countryside. The proportion of urban population and rural population has undergone significant changes, which has also caused a major impact on China's economy, especially in the real estate industry. The population from the countryside to the city urgently needs houses, which is also a key reason for the urbanization of population in the real estate industry. This paper explains the concept of the urbanization of population and the reasons for the imbalance between real estate and the urbanization of population, and analyzes the relevant theories of the urbanization of population and the coordination between real estate industry and the urbanization of population. It also predicts the future developing trend of China's urbanization of population and real estate industry, and proposes some strategies for developing the real estate industry.