Research on the Construction of College English Reading Courses Based on Ideology and Politics Curriculum


Ideology and politics curriculum
College English reading
Curriculum construction




In recent years, with the introduction of the concept of curriculum ideological and political teaching, great changes have taken place in foreign language education. The organic integration of English major courses as well as ideological and political courses is an urgent requirement for the reform of English majors in the new situation. As an important part of college English teaching, college English reading class penetrates ideological and political education in the course teaching. Thus, this conforms to the overall requirements of the country’s curriculum ideological and political education. Based on the concept of curriculum ideology and politics, this article first elaborates on the necessity and feasibility of the integration of curriculum ideology and politics with college English reading. Then, it analyzes the current situation of college English reading courses, and finally proposes three ways to optimize the construction of college English reading courses.


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