The Problem of International Private Law in the Pursuit of Cultural Relics Overseas


Overseas loss of cultural relics
International private law issues
Cultural heritage
Fight smuggling
International Convention




With the rapid development of the economy, people’s awareness of the protection of cultural relics gradually increased. As a result, the issue of recursive overseas cultural relics is worthy of our attention. The urgency of recapturing overseas cultural relics has been greatly increased in order to avert the onset of a new era of cultural relics crisis. Faced with the difficulties of recourse, a low success rate, complicated recourse processes, and an immature international situation, what type of effort should we make? The overseas loss of cultural relics as the subject of study, a brief analysis of its research value, and the state of our recourse process, in the process of the challenges faced, and put forward the appropriate measures to address the situation are all covered in this paper. Furthermore, the subject of international private law is discussed.



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