Establishment and Evaluation of Baseline Model of Heavy Metal Pollution in Mine Topsoil


Mine topsoil
Heavy metal pollution
Factor analysis
SPSS25.0 software




The elements polluted by heavy metals in the surface soil of different regions differ from one another from the perspective of the earth environment. The parts of the mine research data set from recent years are used as a reference for the mine topsoil, and the baseline model of heavy metal pollution in the mine surface soil is calculated using scientific and reasonable methods, which is critical for environmental pollution control. In this paper, the numbers of heavy metal elements in mine topsoil are established by using statistical theory and method: No. 1 As (arsenic), No. 2 Cd (cadmium), No. 3 Co (cobalt), No. 4 Cr (chromium), No. 5 Cu (copper), No. 6 Hg (mercury), No. 7 Mn (manganese), No. 8 Ni (nickel), No. 9 Pb (plumbum) and No. 10 Zn (zinc). This paper uses SPSS25.0 software to comprehensively analyze and process data, create a model using linear regression analysis, and thoroughly examine and evaluate overall heavy metal pollution in mine surface soil. The report then assesses the baseline model of heavy metal pollution in mine surface soil, provides reasonable treatment recommendations based on potential ecological hazards, delves into the heavy metal pollution of mine surface soil in depth, and offers some pollution control and treatment recommendations.


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