The Inspiration of European Countries’ Rural Value Orientation to China’s Rural Revitalization


European countries
Value orientation




The economy of European countries developed rapidly after the Western Industrial Revolution, and the rural areas of European countries also experienced long-term failure and depression. In the process of urbanization construction, the rural construction also faced many problems. In particular, after the urbanization rate exceeded 50%, European countries took targeted measures to revitalize rural areas in response to many problems in rural development, promoting the development process of urban-rural integration. Especially in Europe in the value orientation in the process of rural construction, there are many worth learning and using for reference of experience, in this paper, the European countries value index selection of rural construction, and implementation of rural construction scheme under this value orientation [1] research summary, draw lessons from the mature experience of the European countries rural construction, combined with China’s national conditions related to rural revitalization of advice are put forward.


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