Top Trends for Talent Management


Talent management
Sharing economy
Self-initiated expatriate




Since McKinsey’s 1998 report on “better talent is worth fighting for” which formally introduced the term “the war for talent,” talent management (TM) has been attracting strong attention from industries and academia throughout the world. Talents are seen as the critical determinant of organizational success and a necessity for sustainable corporate development. To be successful, companies need to identify and manage talents effectively. However, the dilemma faced by companies are the uncertainty of the external environment which makes it difficult for them to predict the supply and demand of talents in the external labor market as well as the difficulty to attract the needed talents and retaining the skills that they have spent abundant resources to cultivate. This article aims to summarize the top trends of talent management (TM) in the contemporary society and offers a comprehensive explanation as well as corresponding suggestions in response to these trends so as to provide the best way to build a multi-dimensional and comprehensive team to meet the new requirements in the infobahn era, thus enhancing the operation and management capabilities for optimizing human capital.


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