Research on the Effects of Ideals and Beliefs Education for College Students


New era
College students
Education of ideals and beliefs
Effective ways




The question of college students nowadays having firm ideals and believes is not only related to their achievements, but also related to the reformation and development of the country. In addition, by conducting scientific and effective education of ideals and beliefs for college students, it can be used to promote development in the direction of demand for talents in the new era with ideals, beliefs and responsibility. The authors propose several ways to effectively carry out the education of college students’ ideals and beliefs, based on the significance of ideals and beliefs and the introduction of the relationship between the ideal and belief education of college students, as well as the “youth dream” and the “Chinese dream” in order to explore effective ways to strengthen the ideal and belief education for college students in the new era. This article may be a reference for higher education institutions.


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