Research on the Reproduction of Traditional Handicrafts During the Epidemic Period from the Perspective of Anthropology -- Taking Dongchang Carving Gourd as an example


As an excellent representative of traditional

handicrafts in West Shandong, Dongchang carving

gourd brings together economy and culture. It is not

only one of the important sources of rural social and

economic income under the background of traditional

farming, but also carries the essence of local culture.

In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic suddenly emerged,

which seriously affected the foreign sales and cultural

activities of Liaocheng's traditional handicraft and

Dongchang carved gourd. Based on this, this paper,

from the perspective of anthropology, focuses on

the transformation of the local social structure

and cognitive mode during the epidemic period,

and on the theoretical basis of Bourdieu's tourism

reproduction theory, expounds the exploration and

practice of its reproduction. Finally, combining with

the current situation of the development demands

of traditional handicraft during the epidemic period,

the significance of its reproduction is discussed, so

that it can be continuously innovated, inherited and

developed as a folk handicraft.