Brief Study on Main Ferries in Gansu Section of the Yellow River in Han Dynasty


Ferry serves as an important element of traffic. The Yellow River Ferry in Gansu Province and the north-south traffic routes from Chang’an to Hexi during Han Dynasty corresponds with each other but also are divided into north and south ways. Beidao ferry is mainly a cable bridge crossing while the north line of the south road is mianly zhengbojin, qingshijin and shichengjin, and the south line of the south route is the ferry of heguan county. The ferry on the north line of North Road and South Road blocks the traffic to or from Qinghai to Hexi so the two ferries in the north and south played a crucial part in the management of the northwest frontier during Han Dynasty. Exploring the original setting reasons and sites of each ferry on the Yellow River is conductive to the gradual restoration of the silk Road traffic routes, landway and waterway transportation hubs, promoting the exploration and protection of the transport historical and cultural heritage at the intersection of the Yellow River and Silk Road, and then enhance the connotation of cultural tourism.