Back to the Roots and Create New Prospects, Creating a New Era of Cultural Cooperation between China and South Korea


Back to the roots and creating new prospects refers to the ideological theme of modern New Confucianism. "Back to the roots (f?nb?n)" refers to inheriting the Confucian orthodoxy and promoting the Confucian teachings of inner sagehood; "creating new prospects (k?ix?n)" refers to the creation of a "new outer kingliness (x?n wài wáng)", that is, creating a new teaching of science and democracy. That is, to return to the origin of traditional culture and develop new prospects on the basis of cultural heritage. Civilization exchanges and mutual learning are important driving forces for the advancement of human civilization and the peaceful development of the world. China and South Korea are located next to each other and have historical and cultural ties since antiquity. Back to the roots and create new prospects, promoting deeper cultural exchanges and cooperation between South Korea and China will benefit the two countries and the world.