Can the Fansub Group Avoid Copyright Censorship?Take the Case Study of YYets Fan-sub Group


 The fansub group is called by New Weekly Magazine as China's greatest cultural exchange and educator in nearly half a century. The New York. Times also referred to China's fansub group as "a group that breaks cultural barriers." It is such a group in the gray area of copyright that has become a special and popular platform to provide netizens with translation of foreign film and television dramas to meet the needs of the audience, but can the fansub group escape the censorship of copyright? This article reflects on disputes between fansub group and copyright, Taking YYets Fan-sub Group as an example, analyze the historical development process and future development direction of the fansub group in China, and explain whether the translation of the fansub group's copyright constitutes piracy. Where should fansub group as a pioneer in breaking cultural barriers go? The purpose of this study is to explore the current situation of fansub group and the impact of copyright monitoring. Therefore, this study hopes to illuminate the influence of fansub group as a carrier of cross-cultural communication in Chinese society, and to sort out and analyze the process of legalization of fansub combination so as to make it a potential in the market.