About the Journal

CAS Medicine is an open access and peer-reviewed journal in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). While maintaining rigorous peer review, CAS Medicine offers a rapid path to publishing articles which attain strict technical and ethical standards. 

CAS Medicine publishes articles which aid the clinicians, researchers and policymakers in addressing the major health issues worldwide, taking into account the important research findings and expert opinions on the medical and clinical determinants. CAS Medicine focuses on publishing the latest and influential research findings in various areas of clinical practice, translational medicine, public health, health policy as well as the current topics that are of great interest to the clinician and biomedical researcher communities.  


  • Latest advances in molecular and translational medicine that provide novel mechanistic insights into pathogenesis and development of a variety of diseases
  • Development of new diagnostic tests and methodologies
  • Latest findings from clinical trials
  • New molecules and compounds that have high therapeutic potentials and their mechanisms of action
  • Advances in the current treatments of diseases and reviews on the emerging therapeutic strategies
  • Implications of latest research findings, new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies as well as policies on clinical care and practice
  • Challenges and opportunities in improving health care