Partnership with Journal of Architecture History in Secondary Publications

Both Inno Science Press and China Machine Press have signed a Collaboration Agreement on secondary publication through which Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism will translate and publish selected articles of Journal of Architecture History (transliterated as Jianzhu Shi Xuekan) in the Secondary Publication Section. Journal of Architecture History is a collaborative initiative by the prestigious Tsinghua University (China) and China Machine Press, and is led by Professor Guixiang Wang (College of Architecture, Tsinghua University) as the Editor-in-Chief.

The Editorial Office of Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism selects the articles published in Journal of Architecture History based on the scope below:

  • Topical interest to Western audience in architecture and urbanism related disciplines
  • Topical connection and relevance to Western scholarship
  • Topics of wider concerns, such as ecological and climatic issues, etc.

We anticipate a very successful collaboration in the years to come!