Special issue title: Sustainable Urban Design   

January 6, 2020

Background: This special issue focuses on investigating the current urban design practice of the public realm and urban areas in Chinese cities from a sustainability perspective. The issue is initiated to share most recent developments by integrating the latest theoretical research with regard to the structure of urban form and the creation of urban places in order to respond to the major opportunities and challenges.

The issue covers urban regeneration issues, public realm design, urban design theory and practice and sustainable urbanism theory and investigations centred on place-making with advanced technology and design tools. Authors are invited to contribute to this issue by focusing on the contemporary cultural, historical, social, economic and environmental challenges in terms of achieving holistic sustainability in Chinese cities.

Authors are encouraged to develop problem-solving ideas and strategies. The main objective of this issue is to enhance the overall understanding of the complex relationship between spatial and design issues, and social and economic urban crises in China. The issue addresses urban design as a mode of research and practice that shapes urban environments and responds to urban issues.


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