Skin Ultrasound as a Diagnostic Approach for Non-melanocytic Benign Skin Tumors


Skin ultrasound
Non-melanocytic benign skin tumor




Background. The diagnostic imaging techniques in dermatology, such as skin ultrasound, could improve the diagnosis of non-melanocytic benign tumor lesions, especially those of intradermal and subcutaneous nature.

Objective. The general objective of this study was to evaluate the validity and diagnostic safety of high-frequency ultrasound as a diagnostic test for non-melanocytic benign skin tumor detection. The specific objectives were to measure the sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound as a measure of the validity relative to the gold-standard test – diagnostic-therapeutic biopsy.

Methods. This study was carried out between January 2017 and June 2019. The patients (n = 641) included in this study comprised of 318 women and 323 men who were between 48 and 74 years. All of them underwent an ultrasound examination of the skin tumor in the dermatology clinic, the removal of the non-melanocytic tumor, and a final histopathological examination.

Results. The skin ultrasound has a sensitivity and specificity of 93% and 88%, respectively. Furthermore, the positive and negative predictive values of using skin ultrasound are 84% and 94%, respectively.

Conclusion. Skin ultrasound is a diagnostic technique with high sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of non-melanocytic skin tumors.


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