In vitro and In vivo Models for Anti-inflammation: An Evaluative Review


Anti-inflammatory activity
In vitro models
In vivo models




Anti-inflammatory activity study involves developing a model that mimics, or provokes the production or release of, the biochemical mediators of inflammation, and monitoring the response of these biochemicals to the test drugs. This report constitutes an updated review of the in vitro and in vivo study models for assessing anti-inflammatory activity in plant extracts and synthetic drugs. The materials, instrumentation, and methods involved, as well as the mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity tested in each model, are extensively described. The merits and limitations of each method have also been discussed. A comparative assessment of the in vivo animal models vis-à-vis, the in vitro enzyme models have been made to assist scientists and researchers in the choice of assay method in terms of sensitivity, reliability, duration of test, ethical, and cost considerations.


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